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The pig in the sack for those of you who can't make it to our warehouse sale on September 30th and October 1st, we will be opening the popular Pig in the Sack again on September 15th - October 2nd. Sooo...... During the same days as the stock sale, we will also pack and ship the pig. A pig can cost EURO 80 or Euro 100. We fill the sacks (the boxes) with goods for at least double the value. We pack and ship it to you. The content is very varied and consists of things we normally sell at our stock sale. It can be odd textiles, stowage, goods with small defects, and test weaves. Please leave a message that can guide us when we pack. For example: I like daisies; I like plaid; i like green; I like to do crafts; i like pillows; i like bags; I don't like cute dogs. The pig in the sack suits many but not all. If you're very determined and know exactly what you want, it might be better to actually buy what you're really fixated on instead.

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